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There are many different types of digestive disorders from nausea, bloating, flatulence and painful distension, to bowel trouble (constipation, diarrhoea) or problems with appetite (always hungry, lack of appetite, never feeling full). An efficient digestive system is the foundation of good health. A Chinese Medical diagnosis can help you find the foods that will best maintain your health. These may vary as your condition improves. A minor glitch in your digestive system can illustrate the balance and integrity of the functioning of your organs.


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Active sports can be responsible for a number of different injuries from muscular and tendon damage to more serious conditions. Repeated impacts on the same part of the body can quickly lead to injury and discomfort. Pain is the body’s attempt to restrict our movement whilst it gets on with the important work o repair and recuperation. Taking painkillers masks the problem without addressing the cause, and may result in us inflicting further damage inadvertently.
Acupuncture can be highly effective in treating injuries at the acute stage, reducing pain swelling and stiffness by needling the site of injury, or by use of distal points where this would be too painful. With in-depth training in Chinese Medical Theory as well as western anatomy and physiology the acupuncturist can speed up the healing process and enable the body to make a more complete recovery. This more ‘in depth’ treatment is different from the ‘dry-needling’ technique employed by some osteopaths and physiotherapists as an adjunct to their own therapy.
In this way, acupuncture has proved highly effective in treating long standing injuries and ‘weak’ areas of the body as we make a full differential diagnosis of the underlying causes.
So if you are suffering from injuries, either acute or chronic, or would simply like to enhance your performance, acupuncture could be just what you need.

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